Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Year 6 Dinner and Dance

The Year 6 Dinner and Dance was on Friday the 26th of October and started at 6pm and went until 9.30pm. The theme for the night was 'A Night In Paris.' To prepare for this night we had practices to learn how to dance three different styles of dances. They were the Cha Cha, Rock n Roll and the Waltz. For some of the decorations we had to make stars and cut them out to then be spray painted silver. Each star had to have nylon put at one end of the star so that it could be hung from the ceiling. One of the decorations was silhouettes that went up around the room. We had to make stencils that were our templates to trace around onto black paper. These were blue tacked around the room, on the walls. Some of us had to blow up around 100 balloons. This was hard on our lungs. For the decorations we all volunteered and participated to get the job done. Firstly for our dinner we had entrees at our tables. This was, very yummy chips, dip, salsa, carrots and crackers. For the main meal we ate scrumptious chicken with a potato bake, coleslaw and a delicious bread bun. Our dessert was mouth-watering ice cream, fruit kebabs with melting marshmallows. The whole night was extravagant and glamorous with all the beautiful dresses and lovely suits. "The food was nice, I loved the chicken. Seconds were as good as the first." By Zian "This was a memorable night and I really liked the dessert." By Shohab "My favourite part of the night was the demonstration dances." By Jada "The food was marvellous." By Kaya "I had lots of fun at the Year 6 Dinner and Dance." By Gloria "This night, I will never forget, especially when toasting the marshmallows over the candles." By Hayden "The time we had there, the place and the food were extraordinary." By Tiana "Extreme. Glamorous. Amazing." By Vaasu "My favourite part of the night was the dessert.” By Seemal “I had lots of fun dancing with my friend.” By Tyreece “I liked the whole glamorous stars hanging above us during the night.” By Shridhanjily “The dance was a wonderful experience.” By Jason “The most fun I had was competing in the dance competition.” By Aria “I liked eating the chicken.” By Ziyaad

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Some Duffy Theatre Photo's

Duffy Theatre

This afternoon we watched the amazing Duffy Theatre show. It was fun and interactive where some had to get up and help the actors. Five children got up to be the books, two were the swinging doors, we were the door bell for the door, five were wrapping paper, the front row were rocks in the ocean, and the rest of us were the stormy waves that the boat was sailing across.

Throughout the whole show we learnt about how Reading can be fun and a way to grow our brains.

The whole show was very entertaining.

Here's what some of us thought:

"I liked it when Louie dressed up and acted as a seven year old girl. It was funny. I also really liked it when they changed the song 'Party Rock Anthem' and did 'Everyday I'm Scruffying/Duffying'." From Tiana and Julia.

"I liked it when Louie made a new name for Piri Weepu. He called him Wiri Peepu. He was funny when he said 'Don't be Jelous' too." From Caylis.

"I liked it when Anna was dressed up as a book and pretended that books actually talk." From Ziyaad.

"I liked it when they did the sound effects from behind the screens." From Shohab.

"I liked it when Louie was running after Anna." From Shridhanjily.

"I liked it when James and Louie were beat-boxing and being a robot." From Andrew.

"I liked it when Louie said Nek-Minit." From Kara and Jada.

"I liked it when Scruffy said he was going to make Marvel into a rugby ball." From Dipkesh.

"I liked it when Louie came out and said that he was turning 103 when he was singing the happy birthday song." From Gloria.

"The whole show was very entertaining and had me laughing right the way through." From Mrs Crawford.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Weather Presentation

In Term 2 we had to present our findings for our weather inquiry. Our questions was 'How does the moon change from Full moon to half moon?' Take a look at our video and see what we found out.

Weather Presentation by Jada and Hokimai in D3 from East School on Vimeo.

TreadLightly Caravan

Take a look at D3's experience. We hope you enjoy it.

Alliteration by D3

Have a look at some of our amazing alliterations.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

What am I?

I'm something that is green and I am very hard to see. I have nippers and I live in the ocean. What am I? By Marcus Freeman

What am I?

I like to do something. I can run, talk, walk. I can do a lot of things. There are many around you at the moment. What am I? By Dipkesh

What am I?

People sometimes think I can sing. I am yellow and small. I often live in trees. What am I? By Aria Islam

What am I?

I wear a hat. I live in a castle and I'm always standing looking out a window. What am I? By Gloria